How To Check A Website's Traffic

How To Check A Website's Traffic

How To Check A Website's Traffic : Users may evaluate your website's performance and how it compares against the competition by looking at its traffic.

Why Should You Screen the Traffic to Your Website?

Users can quickly see how well your website is performing by looking at your website stats.

Your website's traffic statistics will display where your users are coming from, how they interact with your site, and which digital marketing strategies are effective.

Users should frequently review your website analytics when trying to increase email subscribers, online store sales, or just overall traffic.

Users can see where your site is right now and what you're able to do to make it better by tracking the traffic to your site.

Why Should Users Monitor the Website Traffic of Your Competitors?

Numerous useful details can be discovered by looking at the website traffic data of your competitors, such as:

  • The posts and pages that are most popular among your competitors' visitors
  • Which keyword terms are your competitors ranking for?
  • They are the ones driving the most traffic for them.

Users can use all of this knowledge to improve their keyword research, link-building, and content marketing strategies, among other things.

Users may use the same keywords and themes to increase traffic to your website by knowing what drives the most traffic to your competitors websites.

The Greatest Resources for Analysing Website Traffic (Including Competitors):

There are numerous tools available for both free and paid traffic checking. Each and every one is different from the others in a variety of ways.

To check rival website traffic statistics, the majority of specialists employ a variety of technologies. To examine site data traffic, we always advise readers to test at least two alternative programmes.

Users may fill in the blanks and obtain more specific traffic statistics for any website by using a variety of tools.

Users can invest in a variety of tools as your WordPress site and money expand to get more market share and market-leading information.

After that, let's examine the best resources for calculating how much traffic a website receives.

Semrush - How To Check A Website's Traffic

Semrush is a useful platform for traffic analysis and competitor research. It is the perfect tool for collecting and monitoring website traffic.

Users may view a thorough breakdown of your competitor's overall traffic by entering their hyperlinks.

Users may view important website information such as the growth of monthly traffic volume, traffic distribution by nation, major traffic keywords, and much more.

The unique users, total trips, average visit length, amount of page views, and high bounce rate for the site are all provided on the Traffic Analytics tab.

Most Traffic Analysis, another fantastic function, lets you assess traffic levels across different competitors at once.

Users can evaluate up to 200 sites, depending on your pricing plan. This provides you with a broad overview of your area, the most popular websites, and any traffic possibilities users may take advantage of.

Furthermore, users may get through traffic analytics reports that provide you with details like the websites sending the most qualified traffic, the most important pages on their website, and the areas that drive the most traffic.


An internet tool called SimilarWeb can help users check the traffic to their competitors' websites and identify which marketing channels are more successful.

You'll receive detailed reports on a website's overall traffic strategy rather than just site traffic.

After operating your website through the programme, you'll receive a report of the total traffic, along with a report processed by each individual country.

You'll get information on the website's top traffic sources as well as interaction data like bounce rate, average customer time, and the number of pages read per visit.

In addition to traffic from organic searches, you'll learn which paid keywords drive visitors to the website, which social media platforms are most successful, and which display networks the website uses to monetize.

After that, you'll receive a thorough analysis of the site's traffic, along with data about the kinds of websites they visit frequently, the top sending websites, as well as a list of competitors' websites for you to further examine.

The tool's free version gives you helpful traffic information. If you require statistics with more specific information, users may set up a business account with personalised pricing.

If you are using a WordPress Theme it gives you the power to connect with Google Analytics with just one-click.

Google Search Console:

The Google Search Console is a free online tool that you may use to examine the traffic coming from search results.

This tool offers you a thorough understanding of how search engines view your website.

It displays the volume of views, clicks, tap rate (CTR), and average position of your terms in search engine results.

This helps you understand the search traffic and keywords for which you are ranking online. Using this information will enable you to increase traffic.

For example, when users discover that you'll be ranking in place 11, they can try to optimise the blog post to try to bring it to the top of the results page.

Furthermore, users may check for faults, verify which pages are indexed, and much more.

Users may begin to view your site data as soon as they add your website to Google Search Console.

Utilising All-in-One SEO is the simplest approach to linking your Google Search Console account.

Furthermore, AIOSEO includes a Search Statistics plugin that enables you to monitor Google Search Console statistics directly from your WordPress admin area.

By doing this, users won't have to leave your website to view SEO analytics, monitor keyword rankings, find your best content, and much more.


The free and paid Ubersuggest tools provide a wealth of helpful website traffic statistics.

The interface is designed for newbies, and it is simple to use. This application makes keyword research and traffic analysis relatively simple, if you haven't done either before.

This traffic analysis function provides users with a thorough analysis of your competitors' traffic over time, the keywords that are driving the most traffic to their site, as well as the most visited pages overall.

Simply enter the URL of the website you want to look at and click "Search."

Users can find out the overall amount of free keywords the website ranks for, its organic monthly traffic, its online presence, and the total number of backlinks on the 'Traffic Overview' page.

The traffic report's various sections can each be explored in further detail. For instance, users may expand the 'Top Pages' results to see a breakdown of all the site's published pages along with an assessment of the amount of traffic each one receives monthly.

Together with the projected number of shares on Facebook and Pinterest, the figures also include the number of backlinks. Such information gives the user a broad idea of what you'll need to do to rank higher for that site in the search engine results pages.

Users have access to the most recent three months worth of information with the tool's free edition.


Serpstat provides a wide variety of unique SEO tools. Some website analysis tools have evolved from what was initially just a simple tool for researching keywords.

Although it has that much functionality, it's still quite simple to use. The programme will create a traffic report when you enter the link.

Along with backlink research, site auditing, or rank monitoring tools, there are options for traffic analysis.

The website visitor analysis tools provide you with a variety of useful information, such as the organic and paid keywords generating traffic, the average monthly visits, and the most popular pages.

Furthermore, users may check trend data to observe how the site's traffic, ranking, and keywords have changed over time.

A part of the complete information for a domain name is available in the tool's free edition.


Among the most popular SEO tools available is Ahrefs, which is trusted by businesses such as Netflix, Uber, and Facebook. Users may use it to see how much traffic your rivals are receiving and the variables related to their high rankings.

Ahrefs indexes over 200 million sites and crawls over 6 billion web pages daily. Although there is a lot of information, users can use these insights to outrank their rivals and increase traffic.

The user experience is really simple and convenient. All the website information is retrieved by entering the website URL into the search field.

The search overview report provides information about a site's link building, top rivals, organic search traffic, and much more.

To see the traffic statistics for the year, the past thirty days, or all time, users can filter the report.

Considering the huge amount of information, it's simple to filter and locate the website statistics you're looking for.

Remember that the traffic statistics exclude information from other sources, such as social networks, and only display data from organic search.


The only tool users should use to assess their traffic is Google Analytics. But still, it can be challenging to set up Google Analytics on your own and conduct your own data analysis.

MonsterInsights is the greatest Google Analytics plugin for WordPress and is utilised by over 3 million websites, including Microsoft, Yelp, PlayStation, and others. We strongly recommend using it.

Users can examine your traffic data from within your WordPress dashboard and set up Google Analytics quickly and effortlessly.

Your best-performing posts, pages, landing pages, main page traffic, and more will become visible. This makes it much simpler to expand your WordPress site and helps users better understand user behaviour.

Last, words on how to check website traffic.

Users may monitor the traffic to both your website and the websites of your rivals using a variety of tools.

Users can learn more about your market and how to increase traffic by looking at the traffic on competitor websites. While keeping an eye on the traffic to your own website can allow you to determine the efficacy of your SEO, social networks, and other traffic and conversion techniques,

MonsterInsights is the greatest tool for analysing the traffic to your own website. Users may see information about your website traffic right in your WordPress admin area with just a few clicks.

If you would like to view the SEO traffic to your website, AIOSEO will display all of your search traffic information inside of WordPress.

Semrush is the top recommendation when your objective is to do in-depth market research as well as examine website traffic. It not only provides accurate traffic data but also ranks among the top SEO tools available.


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