WordPress's top language translation plugins

WordPress's top language translation plugins


Translate is a little plugin with more than 100 translating languages that provides automatic translations and, if necessary, access to expert translators. Edits can be made to translate content from a single dashboard where you can control it. What's best? Even your WooCommerce product page and checkout process can be managed by it.

There are many things to admire about Weglot, including the fact that it works with almost any website platform and that more than 50,000 companies use the plugin. Plans range from 10,000 to 1,000,000 words a year and allow for up to 10 translated languages; the free trial includes 1 language and 2,000 words so you may evaluate the plugin for yourself.


Among the most widely used language plugins, WPML is used by more than a million websites globally. Without writing any code, you may translate your website into 65 already-registered languages with the plugin.

To fully utilise the Advanced Translation Editor, users may modify your posts, webpages, taxonomies, menus, and much more using WPML's Translate Some mode. A dictionary, translation memory, spell checker, and automatic translation are just a few of the capabilities that this editor offers. The Translate All feature, which will automatically convert your site's content as you add or change it, is an option if you're short on time.

The majority of WordPress themes and plugins are compatible with WPML, which also offers complete user support and an extensive knowledge base.


With the free Polylang self-translation language plugin for WordPress, you may select your favourite option from your profile and have the relevant language pack downloaded instantly. It allows you to divide versions of your website onto domains for each language and provides a widget for language changing in the navigation menu.

In addition to supporting custom taxonomies, permanent articles, and RSS feeds, this open-source plugin also supports as many languages as your website needs. In order to provide automatic language translation, it can also be used in combination with the following plugin on our list, Lingotek Translation.


Lokalise is a complete toolkit for organising your translation workflow. Delegate the tasks and have team discussions. Receive access to language suppliers and machine translations to keep expenses in check. Users may work in one shared location with complete visibility and information to oversee the translation process.

With more than 50 interfaces, Lokalise provides integration with your current workflows for maximum automation.

Translate Lingotek

You have three options when it comes to translating your material with Lingotek Translation:

  • Machine translation: generates information in your selected language using the Microsoft Translation Tool; the first 100,000 words are free.
  • Community Translation: By using the text editor included in the plugin's workbench, translations must be created by the user.
  • Professional Translation: This requires financial investment and the recruitment of Lingotek's skilled staff to handle the task.

Because of its flexibility, it's a fantastic choice for individuals who want to start out simply and move up to more difficult language applications. Lingotek can speedily and accurately translate your content with the aid of more than 5,000 local translators thanks to a cloud-based translating and localization process. The plugin also integrates with Polylang to help make your site fully global.

Worth remembering? Users must get in touch with the business by email or phone to talk about pricing possibilities since the plugin doesn't have any information about its cost listed online.

Translation tool on Google

Google Language Translator allows you to embed translations from Google Translate right onto your website, even though it is not an official Google plugin. Use the over 80 languages that Google Translate offers and give site visitors the option to change language views using the plugin.

The WordPress download page for this plugin states that it currently supports more than 500,000 multilingual websites worldwide. It includes automated Google Analytics inclusion, the option to hide Google top frames, the "suggest better translation" pop-up, as well as support for multiple language SEO to help your website rank more highly across the globe.

While this plugin's free version supports all languages and includes infinite machine translations, you must purchase a paid membership to get translation editing or language SEO.

Translator for Google Sites

Google Website Translation, a different Google Translate-powered multiple languages solution, can be used as a widget or a shortcode. As it doesn't depend on third-party Java and CSS the way other translating plugins do, it is also a quick and lightweight choice.

This plugin makes it simple to get started and allows you to translate your website into more than 100 different languages. Google Website Translator is a wonderful choice for complicated or content-heavy websites because it practically has no effect on page loads because of the way all settings are stored in one database record.


Using Babble is as simple as purchasing a new language pack, installing the app, turning on the language, and translating. It notifies your translators when it is finished and ready for their consideration.

The WordPress visual editor is then shown in two different forms, one with the original text and the other with all the necessary translation tools.

With the capacity to operate your website in whatever language you choose and an active free software community supporting further progress, Babble is made to be accessible with all core WordPress features. The official Babble website emphasises its performance and claims that it can generate web pages up to 20% faster than top-paid plugins.


The WordPress multisite feature is used by the MultilingualPress plugin to provide your customers with a variety of languages. Users can then connect your separately translated websites using this feature.

This plugin's high availability to avoid losing information is one standout feature. In the event that a prior version is destroyed, connected posts won't be lost. If the translated pages are indeed processed one at a time, they will also be secured. In the scenario of inadvertent removals, this prevents you from having to retranslate.

The most recent version of MultilingualPress has WooCommerce optimization as well as functionality for the advanced custom field plugin. Also, this translation plugin offers full Beaver Builder and Elementor compatibility for page builders.

Translate Loco

Due to its integrated API, Loco Translate is exceptional in that it may be used with any machine translation program you want. Furthermore, language files can be updated from the plugin, theme, or even the browser. As well, it can produce templates and extract strings, which makes the plugin especially helpful for developers.

The plugin features integration with translation APIs from DeepL, Microsoft, and Google in addition to serving as a translation editor for WordPress administrators.

Furthermore, Loco provides a number of keyboard shortcuts to make translating content on your WordPress site simpler. It is remarkable, Although the basic version is free, it only has 2,000 translations. Users receive 5,000 translations when they upgrade to Pro, 25,000 from Business, and 125,000 from Agency.


This plugin supports both manual and automatic translation techniques, and translations are shown in real-time. The majority of themes, WooCommerce, shortcodes, and Gutenberg blocks are all compatible with it. As well, you can add language switching devices with a straightforward shortcode, translate dynamic gettext generated by WordPress alongside your additional plugins and themes, and translate information with its SEO pack.

Over 100,000 downloads of TranslatePress are continuously active, and its developer community frequently updates it. The plugin enables you to translate your full page at once, and because it is a self-hosted service, your translations remain on your website rather than being saved off-site, where they might be changed or removed. One possible disadvantage? The free version of TranslatePress does not exist.


Google Translate capabilities are also used by GTranslate, although some of the API's unwanted displays are hidden. Depending on the user's browser settings, it will automatically transition to the right words. Users can personalize it to their tastes, right down to different flag icons.

GTranslate is a fantastic option when you want to sell your site by reaching the largest audience possible thanks to its support for 103 languages and full SEO compatibility for commercial editions of the plugin. Furthermore, it is quick, with almost no influence on the speed of your website thanks to the cloud-based translation management system.

The overall goal of all of these plugins is to increase user engagement on your WordPress website. Once you put this into practice, you'll be well on your way to connecting with your audience, whatever their language is.

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