How to Automatically Post Images and Posts/Pages on Facebook?

How to Automatically Post Images and Posts/Pages on Facebook?

Employing social media integration on your website is one of the most effective marketing techniques for any website or blog.

As for Facebook, being one of the most active and overpopulated social media platforms, it will never be surpassed if you want to make your site and its content socially friendly and optimised.

With over one billion daily users, Facebook has long been a hub of personal and commercial interactions that lead to new connections and mutually beneficial collaboration.

Since the benefits of this network are limitless, it is more than mandatory for any current website to employ this strong marketing form in every manner imaginable.

In this regard, one of the practical strategies to improve social integration and build your business through Facebook is to maintain channels for posting your online photographs, posts, and pages.

Together with other tactics for attracting people to your website, putting your online content on Facebook is a low - cost option that needs little effort.

The fact is that sharing your WordPress based profile, basic information, photographs and images of your site with Facebook audience may be readily done through a variety of practical approaches.

As a result, if you properly understand Facebook's enormous potential as one of the most important sources of traffic and new leads, this article will assist you in understanding how to automatically upload photographs and posts/pages on Facebook.

Let's start by explaining why you need to share your material with Facebook. Connecting Facebook with your WordPress website has a significant impact on audience growth, increased traffic, and general socialisation of your business.

While you cannot automate your online visitors' interaction, you may automate the process of posting relevant posts and pages on Facebook. Let’s take a look at what you can do to share your website or blog material with a social audience on Facebook. In general, there are numerous approaches to this problem, which we will go over one by one.

The Circle boom Publish to Facebook to automatically upload photographs and posts/pages.

Circle boom Publish, the most complete, trustworthy, and economical solution for automatically posting photos and words on Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups, is the greatest tool and our preferred choice.

Circle boom allows you to quickly and easily link and manage many Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. Circle boom’s Facebook Auto Poster allows you to automatically distribute photographs, messages, blog articles, and other stuff in a matter of seconds.

On Circle boom Publish, you can take use of amazing content design and curation capabilities. Canva, Unsplashed, and Gephi are built-in tools that let you create and design your Facebook content using unique, ready-to-use Facebook post templates, helpful pictures, filters, effects, fonts, backgrounds, and a variety of other design components. You no longer need to be concerned about Facebook post sizes since Circle boom gives consumers with the greatest and most ready ones.

You may share your Facebook material immediately after creating, designing, or uploading it, or you can schedule it for a later, predetermined time. With your Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups, you may batch publish and automate your Facebook photographs and content.

On Circle boom Publish, you can also use Queue Scheduling. Choose time intervals and add items to the queue to automatically post your Facebook posts. Then you can send them indefinitely.

Here comes the exciting part! You may link numerous RSS Feeds to different Facebook profiles. You can automatically post to Facebook from Blogger, WordPress, or other sources instantly. You can keep your Facebook accounts active and publishing while sleeping.

Last but not least, you may automatically submit articles to Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups using its "Discover Articles" function. You may uncover outstanding articles from internationally renowned periodicals and automatically share them with your Facebook audience.

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile are also supported by Circle boom Publish. Circle boom allows you to create, design, and automatically post to all of these sites

The IFTTT tool for automatically posting photographs and posts/pages on Facebook.

IFTTT is an acronym that stands for "If this then that". It is a free web-based internet application that allows you to do more with your server. You are welcome to design applets that are triggered by updates on various platforms, such as Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram.

This approach will allow you to link your WordPress site to Facebook in a variety of ways, including automatically sharing new WP articles on Facebook pages, posting new blogs appearing in WordPress on Facebook pages with photos, and more.

To begin, go to and establish an account before creating a New Applet (located in the upper right corner of the page).

Next, to proceed, click +this link to start the wizard and select service as WordPress. After clicking the Connect button, a form will display for you to fill out with information about your site. The next step is to choose which triggers to employ.

Choose any new post to go on. Click on +that link to select Facebook as the action service. Decide whether to publish on your personal profile or page, link your Facebook account to IFTTT when prompted, then select the needed action from the drop-down menus. Make a status message. Make a link post and upload an image from URL/.

The last step is to create an action and that's it...

Hootsuite's tool for automatically posting photographs and posts/pages on Facebook.

Hootsuite is one of the most complex methods for automatically sharing your WordPress articles on social media networks, including, of course, Facebook. It’s a fantastic way to not only publish your multimedia material, articles, and sites, but also to plan their posting times throughout the day. Enable and configure this plugin in the /Settings, Hootsuite authentication, Access Token section.

A call back URL may be found underneath the Access Token field. Copy this URL since you will need it along with other information when you visit developers to create an app.

Simply click the Build an app button, and the required form will appear to be filled out. Hootsuite will construct an app for you and provide you with API credentials and an access token when you create an app. Copy and paste this token into the WordPress plugin settings page before saving.

Your WordPress website is now linked to Hootsuite. All you have to do is modify the settings to share your WordPress posts on Facebook the way you want them to. Activate the account by clicking on the appropriate Facebook account in the offered post or page tabs.

Also, you are free to experiment with additional choices for automatically adding a post title, description, and image to Facebook.

The use of WordPress plugins to upload photographs and posts/pages to Facebook automatically.

If you believe that both of the ways discussed below will be too time-consuming or beyond your abilities, the third option of adding your site photographs and posts to Facebook via plugins will be more convenient for you.

There is an onslaught of relevant social plugins available to automate the sharing of your site content. All you have to do is search the WordPress plugin library for one that meets your requirements.

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