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6 Useful Steps to Conduct Backlink Analysis

Backlink Analysis | Links play a vital role when you are focusing on getting higher SEO ranks. Building links is one of the vital factors that search engines consider for your website ranks.

While search engines have discovered the concept of backlinks for easy rank analysis. Whether you are publishing a new website or updating the existing one, you must know where your website stands. Then, comes the concept of backlink analysis arises.

Backlink analysis gives you an overall report of the backlinks that arrived on your website. Along with this, it gives a full performance report and a competitor analysis as well. While it lets you know the issues which are blocking your way to top SEO ranks.

Conducting this can be good for the health of your website. It lets you know whether the website is performing well or everything is functioning well or not.

Moreover, backlink analysis also lets you know your competitor’s moves and ways to outreach good ranks. You will learn some strategies which your competitors are using to implement better ranks.

And so, this article will tell you the whole process to conduct backlink analysis effectively.

  • How to perform a Backlink Analysis
  • Choose the sites you want to analyze
  • Analyze the total backlinks linking to your site
  • Select an auditing tool
  • Get a quick review
  • Analyze the Details
  • See what your competitors are doing

Choose the sites you want to analyze

The first step comes is to select the websites you want to analyze. While this is an obvious thought that you will analyze your website only. But, you must be thoroughly updated with the competitor websites too.

You may have some competitor websites in mind, right? And if not, you must select the sites that hold the same niche or the same products as yours. The other is you must go for the sites that outreaching the SERP ranks.

Analyze the Total Backlinks linking to your website

The next step is to find how many backlinks are visiting your website. This is the actual step where you will count the number of backlinks on your site. And this can be easily analyzed using an SEO tool within a few minutes. Here, we are going to use the Superstat tool to analyze the backlinks on your site.

Enter your website domain in the text box to check the backlinks linking to your site.

Once done, it will give a total analysis of the total backlinks coming to your site.

Select an Auditing Tool

Well you must think of How to check your website's Traffic?

While conducting the Backlink Analysis, you must be with a perfect audit that makes your work lighter. That comes to mind to use the manual process of backlink analysis, but the software tool is the most efficient method.

Well, there are several backlink checker tools coming under the SEO tools that can be used. They have a good range of accessibility and are also available at great pricing.

Get a quick overview

As we have done before to know the backlinks linking to your site, we will apply the same process once you have chosen the tool. And this will let you know the actual performance and where your site stands.

Enter your website domain and click to view the detailed results. Here are the details of what you will be going to see:

The Total number of Backlinks

This is the number of all the links pointing to your website. If another website is posting a blog and hyperlinking to your website, it is a backlink. It will point to your website and immediately, your website will have a backlink. More backlinks make a huge contribution to SEO.

Referring domains

This is the number of websites that are pointing to your website. Suppose the other website is pointing to yours, then it is considered a referring domain. Counting these domains will tell you the value of the pages that are ranking giving better ideas for outreach.

Top linked pages

The top-linked pages will tell you which pages are more getting linked with other websites. This will tell you which content is most liked by the viewers.

Analyze the Details

Now it's time to analyze the details with more intensity and thrift. We will be looking at the anchor text first.

The anchor text consists of the words used in the hyperlink of the website. These are great forms to identify spammy links entering your website.

If you want to know about the spammy links entering your site, check the anchor text is related to the content. If the anchor text is similar to the junk section of your email and contains crude language, it's a spam link.

Identifying the links is as simple as you can but not removing them is easy. It could be a long task if you ask your websites to remove it. Instead, you should move to Google to help you ignore those spammy links from your website.

Digging more about spam, you must also look at country code top-level domain distribution. This refers to the end portion of your domain which tells you the country of origin. Well, this can highly affect negatively your website’s SEO.

Another detail you will have to focus on is checking the broken links. It becomes vital to check the broken links as they can impact SEO. Without fixing this, you can miss out on Link Juice and make your website crucial for crawlers to find. How to fix it? Watch out for this:

  • Ask your domain referrals to fix it as soon as possible.
  • You can redirect the broken page to a new page of your website.
  • Redirect the broken page to another page with similar content.

Keep a watch on your competitors

Getting more into it, this aspect is a must to find what are your competitor’s moves. You can take a look at their referring domains and which ones are outreaching them. If you find a change in your list and theirs, then you will find it easier to find which domains they are targeting. Their higher percentage of common backlinks will raise the idea of better competition.

This could be a smarter move to make your steps stronger toward SEO. But, this is not just about the number of backlinks. You need to check the Backlink/ domain ratio. This tells you whether your competitor is building quality organic links or not.

Top Most Backlink Analysis Tools

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is one of the popular free tools to analyze backlinks on your website. With this, you can easily watch out for the total links, referring domains, and other top metrics. It also gives a proper report on how your web pages are performing. And thus, it forms a good position in finding out the overall performance of your website. The only downfall is it cannot tell you the competitor side analysis.


Ahrefs is again the widely used premium tool for optimizing your website content. You will find the backlink checker under the search console bar which exports the data for quick analysis. The backlink features can also be accessed easily from the sidebar options to know more about it. The plugin starts its pricing from $82 per month and a free trial of 7 days worth $7.


This is another popular tool to have a backlink analysis for your website. SEMrush comes with a subscriber-based plan starting from $99 per month to $449. The tool professionally helps you compete with three competitors at a time. Also, it does an overall analysis giving visual reports. It gives a sneak peek of its working by allowing 10 requests per day.


Now this is the topmost ranked tool for backlink analysis coming with its free 30-day trial plan. Its dashboard is user-friendly with features to understand the true value of users’ expectations. It gives a total spam score that tells you about the links which are damaging and affecting the SEO ranks. Another feature is the Discovered and Lost gives you a report about which links you gained and which are lost.

Getting good ranks on SEO was the only motive behind this article. As you must have learned after reading the whole article. We have focused on conducting a backlink analysis. Well, that is the best way you can check where your website stands and how it performs. We have also depicted the competitor analysis to learn more about their moves. So, what are you waiting for? Just start conducting backlink analysis on your website.


In conclusion, backlink analysis is an essential aspect of improving your website's SEO ranking and overall performance. By conducting thorough backlink analysis, you can understand the quality and quantity of links pointing to your site, identify potential issues, and develop strategies to enhance your online presence. This process helps in recognizing spammy links, monitoring your top-linked pages, and assessing the effectiveness of your anchor texts. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into your competitors' backlink profiles, enabling you to learn from their strategies and stay ahead in the competition.

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